Are you a roadie?
Do you live to absorb the sights, sounds, smells and culture of faraway lands?
Do you believe that the journey is the destination that's best enjoyed with a good car?
If your answer is yes, yes and yes – then it's time for you to meet the Roadtripper.
Roadtripper is Rahat and Renuka who have traveled extensively across the globe and have been a part of many expeditions. Fuelled by their passion to travel and drive, Rahat and Renuka launched Roadtripper to give people a chance to go on driving holidays in exotic locations.
Roadtrippers' aim is to make your driving holiday a hassle free experience. It arranges for everything: providing the car, the local logistics and any other requirements along the way. Just get yourself to the starting point and begin your journey to see the world in a different way. You could travel with a group of like- minded people on their fixed departures or customize a roadtrip for yourself.
Embark on the journey and you will find yourself exploring destinations in an exciting and new way. Without the stress and hassles of organising it yourself. Whatever you require, as long as it's on wheels, Roadtripper is your answer.
Make the trip with the Roadtripper.


The phase 'follow your dreams' is quite literally taken by Rahat, and made into a mantra to live life by. Driven by her wanderlust, Rahat made traveling her life.



Renuka Kirpalani is currently the host and editor of the Autocar show on ET Now. As a part of her job, she test drives and reviews cars for the Indian Market.


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