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If I showed you my report cards from school, you’d know that Geography and History never tickled my fancy. I’m ashamed to admit that when I got to Russia, I didn’t know what Lenin had looked like, or even his first name...

Kartikeya Singhee

From Russia With Love

Is there any better way to see and learn than through the windscreen of a car, wonders Kartikeya Singhee after driving the second leg of the Great Quattro Drive.

Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. For many, it brings thoughts of delicacies like roasted sheep’s head and horse meat steaks to mind. But to me, it meant fresh laundry and a relaxed day...

Rishad Saam Mehta

Great Wall to Gateway

The Great Quattro Drive comes home. Rishad Saam Mehta recounts the journey that went through the Gobi desert, across China, Myanmar and India’s northeast to finally end in Mumbai.

My childhood was filled with tales of adventurers who put their trust in a single ship, steed, or motorcycle while they crossed continents. Stories in which the internal combustion engine is a trusted companion and ally fuelled my wanderlust...

Rishad Saam Mehta

In Photos: A Road Trip From Munich To Mumbai

A road trip across nine countries, spanning 20,200 kilometres, 58 days, and eight time zones. Plus how you can do it yourself.

Let me start with a confession – as someone who is addicted to self driven road journeys, I am insanely envious of Rahat Nathani and Renuka Kirpalani. After all, these intrepid travellers have driven to virtually every corner of the world, together logging 50,000 plus kilometres on the road.

Before I dash off in my car, here’s a short brief on both:

Hina Rajpal

Roadtripper: The World Through Your Windscreen

The best road journeys revealed by two intrepid roadtrippers

So we did make it all the way up to Guru Rrimpunchen's Tatsang monastery and back with backache, knee ache, all possible muscle ache! BUT, we have had a super time. Couldn't have asked for a better break with Diya. AND this Rinchen is a hellava character. He is a major reason for us having had such an amazing time. 
Thanks a mil. From all of us.  During the trip: We are having the time of our lives! Thanks for everything, Rinchen rocks our world and keeps us In splits. Diya loves him! Minus looking like red lobsters from the white water rafting we are doing well, but only the gora two got red! Diya and ashish are fine! In Paro today! Sonam Trofel was awesome!

Ashish, Nicole, Diya, Blanche

We had not come back after winning a World Cup, or even an Olympic gold medal. Yet, as our cavalcade of cars passed through the human tunnel of cheering, waving, dancing crowds, it felt like we had. It seemed like the city of Guwahati had put its life on pause...

Joy Chaudhury

The Long Way Home

It took 120 people travelling through nine countries, driving 7,730km in 31 Mahindras, to bring you this story of the ASEAN-India Car Rally 2012.

The ASEAN-India Car Rally 2012 is no ordinary rally. It’s not an ordinary day when your car gets flagged off from the very place Hamilton’s car gets flagged off. And you blast past a red light at a traffic signal and...

Joy Chaudhury

The Road Less Travelled

The ASEAN-India Car Rally travels across eight countries to cement the bond between India and the ASEAN countries.

We are somewhere between Kalay and Mandalay in Myanmar. It’s desolate dirt road with a scattering of small villages along the way. The lack of tarmac is compensated by the pristine landscape of this country...

Joy Chaudhury

Enter the Dragon

Autocar India joins the BCIM Car Rally, traveling through Bangladesh and Myanmar, to China, the land of the dragons. This is the 3000-kilometre story of this epic drive.

Thanks to Roadtripper for helping us manage Burma permits in a short time and also the visa for Moscow. Your involvement in the entire trip was very, close with you helping at each step.This trip would not have been possible without you'll.
Not a formal 'vote of thanks', I mean it.

Road Wheeler

Thanks for organizing a great trip to Bhutan - you were right - Rinchen was a great guide and we had a wonderful time.
Thanks for all the arrangements.


Bhutan had a high priority on my list of places to visit and I am glad I chose to see it through the eyes of Roadtripper. As expected, from Rahat's & Renuka’s vast experience, I knew that my trip would be meticulously planned right down to the last detail. It was a super trip and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting your Bhutanese friends who went out of their way to make our trip special. Looking forward to joining Roadtripper for many more upcoming trips! Cheers to Roadtrippers and to my new friends!


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