It's not just about the destination it’s the journey that counts. Jump off a bridge, drive across borders, experience a local festival, have a candlelight dinner on a riverside, get pampered at a spa or just live like a local. We can make your journey fulfilling one by offering you a variety of getaways that are built around the kind of person you are. Take a look of some of our choices below or email us with your ideas and we can tailor a trip for you.


Jump off a cliff, fly high in a balloon, raft down a rapid or whatever else fuels your adrenalin on trip tailor made to your idea of adventure.



Visit a country at its most colourful time, experiencing a place at a time of a festival is like going to a live concert, all your senses get the fully loaded version of the flavour of a place.



Live it local

Experience a place like its local people, live in their houses, eat their food and do as they do. Soak up the culture ground up.


Off beat idea

For those who want something different than the usual.


Multi Country

This is our speciality, organising expeditions or single journeys across, borders, countries or even continents as long as you want to do it in in your own or ours.


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