Enjoy the world through your windscreen. Are you a roadie? Do you live to absorb the sights, sounds, smells and culture of faraway lands? Do you believe that the journey is the destination that's best enjoyed by road? If your answer is yes, yes and yes – Let Roadtrripper take you on a journey that will blow your mind. Allow us to make the journey hassle free for you. Tell us where you want to go and we will design an itinerary, take care of the logistics and offer you experiences like never before. Browse through our destinations or pick one of your one choice and we will make it happen. Roadtripper can handle any kind of journey, single country, multi country, lone traveller or group. Visit Experiences to find out more.


Visit the mystical land of the Thunder dragon. A charming little country with stunning scenery that offers a kind of peace and calm that's medicine for the soul. The people are friendly and fulfilled which reflects why the countries prosperity is measured in gross national happiness. From mountainous terrain with breathtaking vistas to rocking Karoake bars in the capital , Bhutan is full of surprises. Each journey in this country is better than the one before and each destination a thrill. It is country that offers up something for every kind of traveller.



Welcome to the Shangri-la in the clouds .Deep blue skies, sparkling lakes, crystal clear rivers, mystery, religion, architecture, and the simple and traditional Tibetan people makes Tibet a travelers' dream destination. A land full of beautifully decorated monasteries, temples, and palaces that are built by laborers and artisans who donated their entire lives to the accumulation of good karma.



Drive to the best of Indian Himalayas with trips across altitudes from 6000 ft to 15000 ft. Enjoy the breathtaking views that range from stark mountains glassy lakes, snow-capped peaks, sand dunes and lush valley and experience the fusion of Tibetan culture with that of our homeland.



A captivating country that will steal your heart away with its stunning landscapes, sumptuous cuisine, culture and heritage or its chaotic cities with plentiful shopping.there's an adventure around every corner be it driving through high altitude passes or sunset crusies that whisk you to private island whatever the treat..vietnam will have you begging for more.



One of the most versatile tourist destinations in the world, China has it all, ancient towns, natural wonders, modern architecture, and nightlife. Customise the trip to the experience and activities that you are looking for, rest assured, that it will be one of a kind experience. With flexible itineraries ranging from 10-25 days, experience China at your own pace.


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