China - Sichuan and Yunnan

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    Take in all that western China has to offer. From mystical Tibetan routes to the world largest Buddhist academy to ancient picture postcard old towns. This is a route of a thousand possibilities with every turn offering you a new experience and landscape.

    Duration : 10 to 25 days

  • The bustling city of Kunming
  • The stone forest
  • 20 different kinds of hot pots
  • Chinese wine
  • Ancient old towns like Dali and Lijang
  • Breadth taking views from the valley of the Mehli mountains
  • Traditional pray rituals and offers to calm the mountains
  • The golden snubbed nose monkey
  • Live in a cottage in the woods
  • Watch a traditional Buddhist death ritual
  • Seda - the world largest Buddhist academy
  • Young monks sharing their wisdom with you over a plate of hot momo's
  • Sit in on a lecture with a learned one
  • Wake up to the sounds of Buddhist chanting
  • Karaoke the night away
  • Spend a night in the prettiest village in the world – Jiaju
  • Live in a traditional Tibetan home
  • Crawl under a sutra flag tower
  • The highest airport in the world
  • Criss cross high altitude passes on this journey
  • Watch the colors of autumn come alive
  • Landscapes like you've never seen before
  • Sleep under a blanket of stars
  • Yading Scenic Park
  • Dig into the local cuisine and markets
  • Try a traditional medicinal steam
  • Soak in a hot spring
  • Visit the monasteries in the region
  • Go horse riding
  • Stunning day hikes
  • Visit the land of the love song
  • Cross Luding Bridge
  • Walk the cobble stone streets of ancient towns
  • Dress in their traditional wear
  • Cambay over a meal !! (Chinese version of cheers)

Kunming Shiaman Luding Tagong Bamei Daofu Seda Wengda Luhuo Jinchuan Jiaju Yajiang Litan


    China's extreme size means it has a great diversity of climates, but being located entirely in the northern hemisphere means its seasonal timings are broadly comparable to those in Europe and the US.


    The northeast experiences extreme climate, with temperature reaching as low as -20°C in winters.


    The southeast region has substantial rainfall, and can be humid, with semi-tropical summer. Temperatures reach around30°C during summer, while winters are mild, with lows of around 10°C in January and February.

    Central, Southern and Western China

    These parts of China are susceptible to flooding. Early autumn around September and October witness pleasant temperatures with low rainfall, and isthebest time to visit. Spring months, March and April are also popular, among visitors.



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