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    The best way to know and explore a place is to see it from a local's point of view.

    Food, markets, local hang outs and stunning home stays.

    Blend in with the family you stay with and experience a piece of their lives

    Duration : 5 to 7 Days

    Above is just one option …we can offer you local living in different regions of Vietnam

  • Mountainous landscape
  • Stilt-house home stay in Pom Coong village
  • Cycle through the lovely villages
  • Glimpse into the daily life of local people
  • Brocade weaving
  • See a community cooperative organization function
  • Hidden waterfalls
  • Short day hikes
  • Visit the H'mong people in their beautiful valley
  • Picnic lunches
  • pick up some herbal medicine in the local fields for the traditional style bath
  • Work on a farm
  • Chant for peace and good health with your host at their evening prays
  • Taichi
  • Visit famous Pagodas and temples in the region
  • Duong Lam Commune with houses dating back 200-400 years

Hanoi Mai Chau Moc Chau Ky Son


    Being a long narrow country the weather varies drastically from region to region.The advantage with Vietnam is that its always perfect weather in some region , making it a place you can visit throughout the year.

    Far Mountainous North

    The dry season runs from October to late March - This is the best season to trip this region. The wet season lasting from April to September. December and January can be very cold, especially at night.

    North Vietnam

    Nov to April are mostly cool and dry with Jan to march being the coldest months. Summer lasts from May to October. July to September are the wettest months.

    Central Vietnam

    Mid January to late August are hot and dry. The rainy season runs from October to early December with almost half the annual rainfall falling in October and November. These are also their coolest months

    South Vietnam

    The dry season begins in November and ends in April/early May with late February to May being slightly hotter and with higher humidity The wet season lasts from May to early November with the months from June to August receiving the highest rainfall of the year.


    Vietnamese Dong

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