The phase 'follow your dreams' is quite literally taken by Rahat, and made into a mantra to live life by. Driven by her wanderlust, Rahat made traveling her life. Travel not only to visit a place, but also to interact with its people, experience its food and indulge in local culture.

A full-time travel junkie, if Rahat could make a buck each time she travelled she'd be a multi-millionaire. Over the years, Rahat has explored many little nocks and crannies all over the world. From hitchhiking in Alaska to wandering in the streets of Lebanon, from scuba diving in the Indian Ocean, to meditating in Tibet, Rahat has done it all.

When in homeland, she's been a part of some of the most kickass cross-country road expeditions. She was a part of team India for the SAARC Car Rally in 2007, the ASEAN Rally 2012, the BCIM Rally in 2013 and Great Quattro Drive in 2015, which started in Germany and ended in India. She's helped organize and was a part of the Ferrari Magic India Discovery expedition in 2008 across India that took 2 Ferraris to the best of places in India.

When she's not travelling, she's either reading a book or planning a trip.

She'll always greet you with a smile and make sure you have the most comfortable and safe ride.

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